Annual Report

Since 2004 Colchester Zoo’s charity Action for the Wild has supported a number of conservation and research projects around the world and this work continues year on year with new projects being funded as well as long term support being offered by Action for the Wild.

In 2017 Action for the Wild supported 16 different projects which help with the survival of some amazing species as well as Colchester Zoo’s very own wildlife reserve in South Africa, which is working hard to reintroduce species back into an area which was once farm land.

Some of the projects supported during 2017 included the Red Panda Forest guardian programme that work to train and educate members of the local community to protect this species. The Elephant Orphanage Project which rehabilitates and cares for young elephants orphaned by the poaching crisis and VulPro, a project monitoring and supporting the vulture numbers in the wild PLUS many more projects from Russia to Africa which are in vital need of support.

All of the funds raised and collected for these projects from visitor donations at Colchester Zoo, to money spinner collections and fundraising activities go directly to these fantastic causes selected by our team here at Colchester Zoo. All staff working for Action for the Wild are paid by Colchester Zoo so that every penny of your kind donations can go directly to supporting animals in the wild.

Watch this space throughout 2018 for updates on the fantastic work undertaken by these projects!

You can find out more about all projects we support here and the work that took place in 2017 by checking out our annual report below:


If you would like to find out how you can help take action for the wild please click here.

Action for the Wild is Colchester Zoo’s charitable arm

Action for the Wild became a charity in 2004

Action for the Wild has donated over £2 million to animal conservation to date