In June, Action for the Wild’s donation of £4,000 was sent to the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre in Cambodia. Funds were put towards building a new enclosure for 2 smooth coated otters, as the project wishes to breed a rescued male with one of their females. Any youngsters born by the pair will then be released into the wild.

Recent news from the centre confirms the enclosure is now complete, and the otters will be moving in shortly. One of the otters moving in will be a rescued male, called Rolong, which means ‘smooth’ in Khmer. The enclosure does look a bit bare at the moment, but this is due to the undergrowth around the pool being buried by the soil from the pool area. This will grow back in the coming months. Staff are also planning to get some cement logs to put in the enclosure, just like they have in other enclosures.

Other exciting news from the centre is that a pair of smooth coated otters that have not bred for many years, have just produced pups. Staff thought there was a problem with the pair, but obviously not! Screening has now been placed around the enclosure, as the female initially got stressed when anyone went near. All seems fine now and currently mum takes the 3 pups out for a daily wash.

This is great news for the centre and Action for the Wild looks forward to hearing more news on the otters soon.

Picture of the new enclosure © Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre.

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