Since 2012, Action for the Wild has donated over £14,000 to the N/a’an ku sê Foundation. Their research team implement one of Namibia’s leading large carnivore conservation programmes, helping Namibian livestock farmers to co-exist with big cats such as cheetah and leopard.

In 2014, our donation was put towards work on a new 330km2reserve, called Kanaan, where the main research focus will centre on the ongoing rehabilitation of cheetahs and leopards in combination with free-range research on cheetah, leopard, spotted and brown hyaena. Our funds helped purchase research equipment for the new site, including camera traps, radio telemetry collars and traps to catch the animals.

In February, approximately 300km north of N/a’an ku sê, a farmer caught a female leopard in a trap cage, and N/a’an ku sê’s team quickly flew to the site. A surprise was in store as the leopard had a cub who decided that joining its mother in the trap cage seemed the safest option. A GPS tracking collar was fitted to the mother and, once awake, both mother and cub dashed to freedom. N/a’an ku sê staff and the farmer will now be able to track the movements of this magnificent big cat.  

In February, researchers on Kanaan also discovered a marking tree with obvious signs that wild cheetahs had used the tree for territorial marking. A camera trap caught images of the predators, a trap cage was set up, and a male cheetah entered the cage. This is the first cheetah to be collared at Kanaan, allowing researchers to officially start monitoring the movements and behaviours of these wild cats in southern Namibia.

Watch the cheetah being collared by the team:

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