Kat Smith, one of our keepers at Colchester Zoo, volunteered at Vulpro in May 2015. As one of Action for the Wild’s supported projects Kat tells us of her time with Vulpro.

“I have always been passionate about vultures and wildlife and as a zoo keeper I know the importance of conserving wildlife, which is why I chose to volunteer at Vulpro to be able to learn from and see for myself the work that takes place.

Before I arrived at Vulpro, I knew a little bit about the work and projects that they did from attending fundraising events in the UK to help support them. However, I was overwhelmed by the passion, dedication and enthusiasm that all the staff put into this wonderful organisation and it really opened my eyes as to the difference these people are making. During my time at Vulpro, I was able to take part in vital conservation projects such as collecting breeding data for the captive birds, capturing and tagging of wild vultures to monitor them, be involved in new veterinary drug research to determine the safe use of drugs, help feed the local wild population of vultures using the restaurant and the most rewarding part was being able to rehabilitate and release vultures back into the wild where they belong. I was able to really make a difference to the vultures and was only there for a short time, so just imagine the difference Vulpro makes over a longer period.

The important conservation projects and dedication to helping these beautiful yet misunderstood creatures mean that the future of vulture populations rests on the shoulders of organisations such as Vulpro.”

Watch Kat’s video here to see the true beauty of this species and the hard work which is taking place to protect them in the wild.


Find out more about Vulpro here.

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