One of our chosen projects for 2018 funding support for Action for the Wild is the work of Free the Bears in Laos. In March, we made our pledged 2018 donation of £5000, bringing our total donated to date to Free the Bears to £36,000.

Our donation will be put towards improving the quarantine facilities at the new Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary in Laos, through the construction of two outdoor play areas within the existing quarantine area, and the purchase of enrichment items for within this area.

Bear rescueThis donation is all the more vital as bear rescue numbers 54 and 55 arrived at the sanctuary in March. The two moon bears were rescued from a province in northern Laos. According to the owners, they are between 2 – 3 years old and have only ever been fed bananas.  They are sadly stunted, emaciated and the size of an 8-9 month old bear.  On arrival at the sanctuary, they received a full health assessment and will commence rehabilitation. 

Our sponsored outdoor playpens will enable the quarantined bears to get exercise, enrichment and their first experience of an outdoor environment. These outdoor areas will be more open to the elements whilst still being partially covered by the roof of the quarantine structure and allow the bears their first forays at using bathing pools, climbing structures and natural caves, whilst being open to the sights and sounds of the sanctuary and offering more space.

The sponsored enrichment items, such as hammocks, feeders, enrichment balls and kongs will go a long way to making an instant impact on the psychological and physical welfare of these animals.

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