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Vital funds help with new bear sanctuary construction!

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In March 2014, Action for the Wild donated £6,000 to Free the Bears. This donation has been used to help with the construction of a new bear house at their Cambodian Bear Sanctuary; to house four of the growing nursery groups of sun bears that have been brought into the centre over recent years.

To date, 185 bears have been rescued by the Cambodian sanctuary. Having graduated from the quarantine enclosures, the bears will move to the ground floor of this new house, which contains 18 dens leading out to four spacious forest enclosures covering over a hectare of dense forest. The upper level of the new building is also being developed into a central area for the growing research programme and will boast views into the forest enclosures to enable behavioural observations of the bears in their forest homes below.

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Free the Bears hope to move the first bears across by June but this short video shows some of the nursery groups awaiting their new home as it stood back in October:

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