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in Asia
Conservation of Komodo dragons requires a multidisciplinary approach whereby wildlife population monitoring, direct protection measures, community awareness and capacity building initiatives are integrated and implemented in collaboration with government authorities and the local community. On Flores, Komodo dragons are protected on...

in Africa
Action for the Wild has been supporting VulPro in their surveying of vulture populations since 2015. VulPro commenced their 2018 population surveys of both cliff- and tree nesting species in May. The first surveys are undertaken in order to determine the...

in Asia
For the past two years, Action for the Wild has been helping to support the work of Free the Bears in Laos PDR, with their new Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary. Since 2003, 58 bears (57 moon and 1 sun bear) have...

in Africa
Animal Welfare and Conservation Masters student Zoe Braybrook will be heading to South Africa over the summer for an internship at Colchester Zoo’s UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve. The internship is for four weeks at the 6,000 hectare reserve in KwaZulu Natal...

in Africa
Gelada baboons are endemic to Ethiopia. The current status of wild populations isn’t known; hence the conservation status of this species needs to be properly assessed. In addition, nothing is known with respect to population structure, welfare condition and behaviour of...

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