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in Asia
Throughout 2018, bear rescues in Laos have continued. In early March, we reported on the rescue of Laos bears 54 and 55. On Good Friday, the team rescued four bears;  a sun bear in Cambodia (rescue number 204) and three moon...

in Africa
Action for the Wild has donated over £16,000 in its membership of the lemur consortium, the AEECL, since 2004. The AEECL aims to protect the habitat and ecosystems within the Sahamalaza National Park, Madagascar, to monitor and increase lemur populations and...

in Africa
On the 23rd May 2018, two of the Lilayi Nursery orphans, Njanji and Kakaro, graduated from the Lilayi Elephant Nursery and began the 10 hour trip to the Kafue Release Facility to undertake the next stage of their rehabilitation. As the...

in Asia
Action for the Wild has been supporting the International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF) since 2012, having donated £23,744 to date. Our donation of £4,970 in 2017 was put towards an otter workshop in Laos in early April 2018. The workshop in...

in Africa
Action for the Wild is pleased to be supporting the N/a’an ku sê Foundation again in 2018, pledging £4,936, which will bring our total support to £29,145 since 2012. Our past donations have been put to use by the N/a’an ku...

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