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Through its Tiger Health Programme, Wildlife Vets International provides clinical services, on-site training, disease investigation and some research activities for a variety of wild tiger projects in different countries. In 2017, ACTION FOR THE WILD donated £5,000 to start producing a...

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One aspect of VulPro’s conservation work is a conservation breeding programme, which continues to grow in success and experience each year. The 2017 breeding programme success rate increased by 30% compared to last year; producing 10 fledglings out of 16 breeding...

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Colchester Zoo Action for the Wild’s annual donation to VulPro enabled them to continue in 2017 with their surveys of several Cape Vulture breeding colonies, currently covering approximately 50% of the entire Cape Vulture breeding population globally. Success rate for the...

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Education is one of our main aims on UmPhafa. Since 2009, we have run an internship programme to raise awareness and educate on our wildlife species and conservation and research activities. Over the years, we have also been involved in a...

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Colchester Zoo’s Action for the Wild has supported the Hornbill Research Foundation since 2002, adopting families of hornbills in southern Thailand. Our adoption helps fund researchers from Bangkok’s Mahidol University, along with 39 villagers, to look after hornbill nests found in...

Action for the Wild is Colchester Zoo’s charitable arm

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Action for the Wild has donated over £2 million to animal conservation to date