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Orangutan Foundation

orang foundation editMission: The Orangutan Foundation is the world's foremost orangutan conservation organisation. They are saving Asia's endangered great ape by protecting their tropical forest habitat, working with local communities and promoting research and education.

Species: Bornean Orangutan


Location: Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve, Borneo

Support started: 2010

Donating: £6,000 towards the vet's annual salary. It will also help support the costs associated with translocations such as, transport fuel, medication and food.

Find out more about our work with project through our annual report: 

Orang project

Background: The Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve is a significant area of protected peat swamp forest in Central Kalimantan, Borneo. The reserve is a high priority site under the most recent orangutan population habitat and viability assessment.

In the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve, the Orangutan Foundation run four guard posts. A fifth post is being constructed in an area of the Reserve that is particularly vulnerable to illegal mining and logging.

The Orangutan Foundation has also been supporting an orangutan reintroduction programme in the protected reserve since 2000. It is one of the few places in Indonesia where translocated and rescued orangutans can be released in the wild. A veterinary clinic has been established at Camp Gemini, one of the six orangutan release camps in the reserve.

All the orangutans that are rescued and released are treated for parasitic worm infections and are given a full health check to minimise the risk of disease transmission to the wild.

Having a vet and facilities in the field allows for the monitoring and, if necessary, treatment of the orangutans in situ, which helps reduce stress and suffering.

With key stakeholders, Orangutan Foundation are working on a comprehensive programme that incorporates community awareness and sustainable livelihood initiatives, reforestation, protection with guard posts and regular patrols and stakeholder co-operative management.

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Future Objectives: This project will use funding to continue with the Veterinary Care Programme and improve the services for the future. The funds will contribute towards the salary cost of the Orangutan Foundation's Indonesian veterinarian, which the foundation currently fund, along with vital equipment to aid in the translocation of orangutans.



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