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Proyecto Mono Tocón

© Proyecto Mono TocónMission: The principal objective is the conservation of Peru’s biodiversity, with an emphasis on the protection of the San Martin titi monkey and its habitat. This will be carried out through conservation, research and education objectives.

Species: San Martin Titi monkey

Location: Peru
Support started: 2013

Donating: £1,500 will be used to help with the education and research part of the project, buying materials and equipment.

Background: Proyecto Mono Tocón is a Peruvian NGO founded in July 2009 in Moyobamba. Since September 2010 they were officially recognized as a development-NGO by the Peruvian International Cooperation Agency (APCI). The objective of the association is the Conservation of Peru’s Biodiversity. The association is organised in three different departments: Conservation, Education and Research. The San Martin Titi monkey (Callicebus oenanthe) is the most endangered primate species of Peru. Restricted to lowland forest habitat and endemic to the San Martin region of north-eastern Peru. Currently, no viable population lives in a protected area. One of the main threats for its survival is on-going deforestation. It is estimated that in the past 25 years at least 80% of its habitat has been destroyed. The species has also recently been added to the list of the 25 most endangered primates in the world. Because of the lack of information on the San Martin titi monkey, the first activities of the project have concentrated on the determination of its distribution range. With the data obtained on the habitat and threats for the survival of the species, conservation measures have been planned for the next years. Due to the high deforestation rates, habitat fragmentation and the illegal animal trade increasing, the project realised they needed to inform the local communities about the need to protect this species. So in 2007 they started their educational activities in the schools, to increase environmental awareness in the populated places within the distribution range of the San Martin titi monkey.

© Proyecto Mono Tocón

Achievements: In 2012 the project created 2 conservation concessions, covering a total area of almost 6,000 hectares. The area is close to 2 villages and to help increase the local support for nature conservation, Proycecto Mono Tocón has invested time in the development of ecotourism. Training programmes have now been developed to train future guides. The training includes lessons about nature (animals and plants), services to the tourists (cooking and food hygiene) and other relevant subjects. 6,000 hectares is already an impressive size, especially in a region where a lot of the lowland forest has disappeared. The next plan is to enlarge the area by creating new conservation concessions that are connected to this existing area. There is a lot of work to do, but if they could indeed increase the protected area to almost 10,000 hectares, then this would be great news for the San Martin titi monkeys (and the other animals that live in the area).

Future objectives: Another conservation concession of 808 hectares is also being created. Although it is small in size, it is connected to another conservation concession of 2,700 hectares. This zone is covered with the rare deciduous dry forest habitat and many rare animal and plant species inhabit it. An increase of the protected area by 25% would be a great achievement.

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