Past Projects

Marwell Zimbabwe Trust Cheetah Project

© Marwell Zimbabwe Trust Cheetah ProjectMission: To collect information about the extent and distribution of cheetahs that prove problematic to farmers in Zimbabwe, by identifying hotspots of cheetah activity and assisting landowners in reducing livestock losses due to cheetah predation on their properties.

Species: Cheetah

Location: Africa

Support: 2001-2006

Amount donated: £1,000 was used to buy a new computer for the cheetah project. This new system will be used to conduct a cheetah ecology study and will have the facilities to manage the data for the cheetahs that the project will collar in 2007. Good quality software will also be used to produce education material at a lower cost 

Background: The cheetah is Africa's most endangered big cat. They are being forced onto land outside protected areas, as they face competition from stronger predators such as lions and hyenas. Cheetahs are coming into conflict with humans, as they are forced to prey on livestock.

The project has been working closely with farmers to record onto a database all cheetah sightings and livestock killings on their land. The project advises farmers how to manage their livestock and has started to introduce anti-predator techniques to resettlement areas, such as kraals to keep livestock safe. Some problematic cheetahs have also been radio collared to monitor their movements on private land. The project has produced a training manual; 'Living with Cheetahs', for school teachers and a multi-lingual "Spot the Difference" poster that has been distributed to farmers, national parks and local police in surrounding areas. This raises awareness of cheetahs and differentiates between this species and leopards.

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