Past Projects

Wildlife Information Network

© Colchester ZooMission: To form an encyclopaedia of crane information.

Species: Cranes

Location: UK

Support: 2005-2006


Amount donated: £2,000 towards the production of this encyclopaedia as Colchester Zoo is dedicated to increasing the knowledge of cranes to all concerned, to help with their management and conservation in captivity and in the wild.

Background: Cranes are an important flagship species for many areas, and their conservation serves not only for their own protection, but to protect vast areas of habitat too. Cranes are also often kept in zoos. Individuals bred in captivity have, in the past, been released into the wild, helping to increase population numbers of Mississippi Sandhill Cranes and Whooping Cranes, and have also been used for valuable research studies to learn more about the species' behaviour and biology.

Despite being so valuable in terms of conservation in the wild and in zoos, crane information is not very easily accessible; printed in scientific books and bulky in length. The Wildlife Information Network thus set out to produce an encyclopaedic volume to improve knowledge of this species. This will provide information on crane husbandry, identification, natural history, conservation, captive management and diseases and their treatment.

Future objectives: This information will be available to all parties concerned from specialist groups, field projects, zoos to government organisations and will cover all aspects of crane management in captivity and in the wild. The final volume will be available not only in book form and in scientific publications, but also on CD-Roms making this information much more accessible.


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