Past Projects

EAZA 2006-2007 Madagascar Campaign

© Dr. Samuel Furrer Mission: To raise public awareness promoting the idea of biodiversity through the unique flora and fauna found in Madagascar; to collect funds for conservation projects on the island (fundraising goal: €500.000); to be divided between 20 projects, or more depending on amount received; to promote eco-tourism to Madagascar; this can be a viable way to bolster their economy whilst ensuring that the unique habitats and wildlife that visitors come to view are afforded greater protection by being recognised as an asset; to promote the concept of twinning between EAZA members and National Parks and other protected areas.

Species: Madagascan fauna and flora

Location: Madagascar

Support: 2006-2007

Amount donated: £7,000 to be donated to conservation projects on the island.

Background: Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and is one of the world's hotspots for threatened biodiversity. In Madagascar the diversity of habitats is so striking and the topography so varied that it gets called the 8th continent. However the forest habitats are dwindling which is the major problem for the 90% of Madagascar's fauna that rely on it. Of the 117 species of terrestrial species described, almost 50% are listed on the IUCN Red List as Critically Endangered, Endangered or Vulnerable.

Achievements: 171 EAZA member institutions participated in the campaign; the total donated, as of May 2010, was more than €600,000; and as patrons the campaign was very fortunate to have the then President of the Republic of Madagascar, Marc Ravalomana, and the actor John Cleese. This boosted the campaign's profile, which in turn helped raise a significant amount of funds for crucial conservation projects.

The Madagascar Campaign officially ended in September 2007 at the EAZA Annual Conference in Warsaw. A preliminary fundraising amount of €450,635 had been donated by the 165 EAZA member institutions that took part, just short of the €500,000 target. Since that time funds have continued to come into the account and the total donated, as of October 2008 was €605,000.

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