Past Projects

EAZA 2004-2005 Shellshock Campaign

© EAZA ShellshockMission: To raise awareness of the diabolical conservation and welfare crisis that the world's turtles and tortoises face; and to encourage zoos and aquariums to work with more specimens and species of turtle and tortoise and to bring them into the safety of a 'turtle ark' - a captive insurance population.

Species: Turtles

Location: Africa, Asia, Cambodia and India

Support: 2004-2005

Amount donated: £2,000 to a turtle conservation project in Sri Lanka after the devastating effects of the boxing day Tsunami. £19,589 to the Shellshock campaign.

Background: It is estimated that over 12 million turtles are sold in China each year, either for consumption or for the traditional Chinese medicine trade. Many of these animals will have been wild caught, and given the low reproductive and growth rate of many species their extinction in the wild is thus inevitable unless action is taken.

Achievements: 134 institutions participated; over €250,000 were collected in the first year; and a further €120,000 were raised since the closure of the campaign, also used to support conservation projects for turtles and tortoise.

Shellshock was the largest ever conservation effort for turtles and tortoises. The fundraising results provided great opportunities to support conservation projects. The many awareness activities placed turtles and tortoises and their conservation crisis in the minds of zoo visitors and beyond.

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Action for the Wild became a charity in 2004

Action for the Wild has donated over £2 million to animal conservation to date