Past Projects

EAZA 2003-2004 Tiger Campaign

© Colchester ZooMisson: To promote awareness of the threats tigers face in their natural habitats; to raise the profile of zoos as conservation organisations; and to raise funds to support wild tiger conservation projects.

Species: Tigers

Location: India, Russia, Indonesia and Thailand

Support: 2002-2004

Amount donated: £40,000 to assist with conservation projects in the Russian Far East for the Amur tiger.

Background: Three of the eight sub-species of tiger are already extinct and a maximum of 300 wild Amur Tigers remain, possibly less. Donations went directly towards 2 projects for Amur Tigers to help protect them. In the Primorsky region of the Russian Far East funding will strengthen protection activities in areas of tiger habitat and educate and engage local communities to actively participate in conservation. Also in the Russian Far East funds will go towards: Radio collaring of tigers to define predation rates; a tiger response team to intervene in situations where tiger-human conflicts could occur; anaesthetics for translocations and Helicopter hire for aerial tracking of tigers.

Achievements: 130 institutions from 24 different countries participated; An impressive €750,000 were raised for saving tigers in the wild; and Nine significant conservation projects across India, Russia, Indonesia and Thailand were supported.

Initially the EAZA Tiger Campaign aimed to raise €250,000 for wild tiger conservation. In fact a final result of €750,000 was announced at the closing ceremony – this represented an increase in the global funding pool for tigers of about eight percent in each of the two years for which the campaign ran. This wonderful fundraising success was largely due to the efforts of the 130 zoos from 24 different countries who participated in the campaign, with parallel success in raising awareness of the threats to tigers in the wild.

This contribution was and still is very much needed. About a century ago 100,000 tigers still roamed through Asia and parts of Europe; the current situation is rather depressing as only about 4,000 tigers are left in the wild, confined to small and isolated habitats across Asia.

Action for the Wild is Colchester Zoo’s charitable arm

Action for the Wild became a charity in 2004

Action for the Wild has donated over £2 million to animal conservation to date