Past Projects

EAZA 2002-2003 Atlantic Rainforest Campaign

© Patricia Mie MatsuoMission: To raise awareness about conservation needs and conservation projects in the Atlantic rainforest; to raise awareness about European breeding programmes (EEPs/ESBs) for endangered species from the Atlantic rainforest; and to raise funds for the Lion Tamarins of Brazil Fund (LTBF).

Species: Golden lion tamarin and other indigenous species

Location: Atlantic coastal rainforest, South America

Support: 2001-2002

Amount Donated: £10,000 to fully support a conservation worker, researching and tracking Lion Tamarins in the rainforest.

Background: In 2002 the EAZA Atlantic Rainforest campaign focused on the indigenous wildlife of the Atlantic Coastal Rainforest in Brazil, home to the Golden lion tamarin, a critically endangered new world primate.When thinking of South American rainforests, the Amazon rainforest comes straight to mind, although other rainforests distinct from the Amazon are also under great pressure, not least the Atlantic Forest. At the time of the campaign launch only 7.5% of the Atlantic Forest's former range remained. Significant problems included habitat destruction and fragmentation, hunting and trade of wildlife, and collection of flora.

Achievements: 90 institutions from 20 different countries participated; almost €250,000 were raised to support conservation projects in the Atlantic rainforest within the year of the campaign; and since the closure of the campaign a further €500,000 have been raised to support the Lion Tamarin of Brazil Fund (LTBF). EAZA's support for the Lion Tamarin of Brazil Fund was very welcome as the raised funds exceeded the total amounts collected by the fund over the ten years it had existed by then. The campaign also received the full support of IBAMA (the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Natural Renewable Resources), the mission of which is to carry out national policies aiming to conserve and restore environmental quality for present and future generations.

The campaign succeeded in raising awareness among EAZA members of conservation concerns in the Atlantic Forest to the extent that strong partnerships have since been formed between zoos and in situ conservation projects. This continuous funding is now the driving force behind the Lion Tamarin Conservation Action Plan, with EAZA having become a key player in planned conservation activities.

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