Past Projects

EAZA 2010-2011 Ape Campaign

© Jean KernMission: To increase habitat protection and reduce habitat loss; to reduce hunting and trade of apes, both live and dead; to change consumer behavior to reduce pressure on apes and their habitats, and to raise €1 million to establish a lasting fund providing ongoing financial support to ape conservation.

Species: Gorilla, chimpanzee, bonobo, orangutan and gibbon

Location: Africa and Asia

Support: 2010-2011

Amount donated: Raised awareness only

Background: Apes (the six species of great ape and 16 species of gibbons) are under threat from hunting, deforestation and disease. Without our support these beautiful and iconic animals will become extinct. All the apes are threatened and almost all are classed as either Endangered or Critically Endangered.

For some species really urgent action is needed. The Hainan gibbon, for instance, is right on the brink of extinction with fewer than 20 surviving, while there are fewer than 400 Cross River gorillas left in the wild. The EAZA Ape Campaign focuses attention on the apes, the issues they face and the urgency with which we must act. Through the support of the EAZA membership and the campaign partners the EAZA Ape Campaign works to improve their survival and leave a lasting legacy for ape conservation.

Achievements: 180 participating institutions, the majority of which were EAZA members. Over €535.000 collected for great ape conservation projects. Through the support of EAZA members the EAZA Ape Conservation Fund has been established. The fund focuses attention on the apes, the issues they face and the urgency with which we must act.

The EAZA Ape Conservation Fund transferred funds (€130.000 in total) to the following pre-selected campaign projects:

Awely's Green Caps of the DRC 
Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Programme 
Dja Biosphere Reserve project 
Cao Vit gibbon conservation project 
EAZA Ape Conservation Fund

The Ape campaign continues to donate funds through the EAZA Ape Conservation fund. The EAZA Ape Conservation Fund aims to make a significant and lasting contribution to the continued survival of apes and their habitats: The Orangutan Foundation a project supported by Action for the Wild has recently (November 2013) recieved funding from this grant.

Action for the Wild is Colchester Zoo’s charitable arm

Action for the Wild became a charity in 2004

Action for the Wild has donated over £2 million to animal conservation to date