The Centre de Rehabilitation des Primates de Lwiro (CRPL) is one of 4 new projects supported by Action for the Wild in 2013. CRPL’s current activities include; rescue, rehabilitation and planned reintroduction of confiscated wildlife; conservation and environmental education; community development, health and sanitation projects; research programmes and activities; local and international tourism and collaboration with local and international organisations

In June, Action for the Wild donated £4,956 to CRPL helping them to continue to provide all animals in their care with a high standard of nutrition, medical care and facilities. Between $500 and $1000 USD is spent per week on seasonally fresh fruit and vegetables, including other dried food items such as rice, beans, milk powder and sugar. Funds were put to use straight away to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables, from local farmers and markets, to feed the 55 chimpanzees and 75 monkeys currently living at CRPL. Items on the menu for their resident animals have included bananas, mangos, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, figs, pineapple, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, corn, avocados and much more!

Along with providing care for the rescued primates, CRPL continues to employ 32 local staff, providing them with a reliable income, one meal per day and medical costs for them and their immediate families. This ensures that CRPL continues to be a valuable employer within the community. CRPL also continues its work with children in the local area through the ‘Roots and Shoots’ Lwiro club. Attended by up to 100 children each week, the children have been learning about primates and other animals in the nearby Kahuzi-Biega National Park, and conducting activities such as growing plants, to learn about germination and reforestation.

We look forward to receiving further updates on the events and progress of the sanctuary soon.

If you wish to donate to this project, please visit our donation page.

Picture of a young rescued chimp © Lwiro Primate Sanctuary.

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