In 2014, Action for the Wild continued its support of Free the Bears by providing a donation of £6,000 to go towards the development of a new bear enclosure, Bear House 8. After months of hard work this new enclosure is now complete and the bears have begun to move in to their new home! This new larger home is essential for the teams work to continue with new arrivals contining to join the sanctuary. The older, 3-4 year old bears have been grouped into single sex groups to prevent unplanned breeding and already have begun to settle into their spacious new dens. 

The second phase build involved building a field research station on the upper level of the development to strengthen the research programme and thus help improve the welfare of the bears at the sanctuary.

In total, the new build cost $130,000 and Action for the Wild’s £6,000 donation was one of the biggest donations received for the project, which is vital to help increase the standards of care for the bears at the sanctuary.

Check out this video of the bears in their new home! 

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