Are you interested in learning more about Colchester Zoo’s history, how we care for our animals, or our conservation work around the world?
They why not book one of our Community Outreach Talks.


These sessions will take place at at a time and place convenient to you.
Please note, for animal health and welfare, we do not bring live animals on outreach sessions.

Talks can take place anytime throughout the day and we are more than happy to do evening talks.
Generally our talks last from 45 minutes to 1 hour, with time for questions afterwards.
We bring our own equipment for the PowerPoint presentation, however it would be beneficial if your hall had an extension lead available and a small table to put the projector on. If you would rather us use your projector screen or a wall to show the presentation on, just let us know.
Talks are priced at £60 plus £10 travel; all cheques can be given after the talk and the £70 should be made payable to ‘Action for the Wild’.


We offer three different topics for Community Outreach groups as detailed below.

Find out more about Colchester Zoo’s history and our modern day role including the wide variety of conservation projects we support all around the world through out charitable arm, Action for the Wild.
Learn about the complexities of environmental conservation, and why everyone should care about protecting nature. This includes discussion surrounding different stakeholder demands as well as learning how zoos and other organisations help endangered species around the world.
From building homes, to giving them food, looking after our zoo animals takes a lot of dedicated care, knowledge and expertise. This lecture will explain what we do behind-the-scenes as well as how we ensure we meet the health and welfare needs of the hundreds of types of animals that live at Colchester Zoo.

How To Book:

If you are interested in booking a Conservation Outreach Talk, this can be done by completing our online booking form at the link below.

If you are having any difficulties accessing the online form, please contact our Education Department directly for support:
Telephone: 01206 332511, 01206 332512 or 01206 331292
Education Department, Colchester Zoo, Maldon Road, Colchester, Essex, CO3 0SL

If you wish to discuss suitable dates, or find out any thing else about our Community Outreach talks, please also contact our Education Department as above.

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