Galapagos Conservation Trust

Location: Galapagos Island, South America

Support started: 2023

Mission: The trust works with scientists authorities, NGOs and local communities to tackel key threats to the unique biodiversity of Galapagos, including invasive species, pollution, climate change and overfishing.

Galapagos Conservation Trust was launched in 1995 and is the only UK-registered charity to focus exclusively on the conservation and sustainable development of the Galapagos Archipelago. We deliver programmes that fill gaps in scientific and socioeconomic knowledge, fund local scientists, NGOs and community groups, and partner with Ecuadorian authorities. We advocate for change to protect the wildlife of Galapagos, while amplifying the local voices of Galapagos across the UK and beyond. 
In 2023, we will be making an additional contribution of £373.62.


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