With security incidents such as poaching on the increase in South Africa it is important that we equip our reserve’s first responders with the necessary protective equipment. Sadly the use of firearms by poachers is a reality so we felt it was necessary to obtain a number of bullet proof vest and helmets for our response team.


We decided to contact a number of companies that supplied this type of security equipment to see if anyone would like to donate something to us. Vestguard UK did more than just supply a few items. Being aware of the work that we do in South Africa and our charity, Action for the Wild, Alex Miller, Commercial Manager at Vest Guard, explained that Vestguard UK would be more than happy to supply four sets of their top of the range bullet proof vests, with NIJ level 3a soft armour and NIJ level 4 hard armour plates. In addition, they would also supplyfour NIJ level 3a combat helmets, thereby offering us the highest level of ballistic personal protection.  


This was a fantastic gesture, with this donation amounting to the value of £4,000, and we would like to extend a big thank you to Vestguard UK for their support. Our vests and helmets have arrived on the reserve, although, we hope that their full potential will never need to be fulfilled. 

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