mum-and-babyAction for the Wild has donated £18,000 to the Orangutan Foundation since 2010 plus an additional £5000 in 2015 which is used to assist with their conservation efforts at the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve, in particular with the veterinary health care programme for the rescued orangutans.

One such orangutan rescued and released by the Orangutan Foundation was Paula, who was just six years old when she was released into the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve back in 2003. This month she gave birth for the second time, this time to a male infant named Pele. Paula’s birth is the third to take place within Lamandau this year – a remarkable stage of progress for this ever-increasing orangutan population. Reproduction within reintroduced populations is of the upmost importance, and with a species that only reproduces every 8 years, it is no easy feat!

Images ©Orangutan Foundation

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