The Orangutan Foundation, founded in 1990, work to protect the orangutan’s tropical forest habitat, support local communities, who are as dependent on the forest as the orangutans, and promote research and education. Beyond the protection of orangutan, the Orangutan Foundation recognises that orangutans play an essential role in their habitat, which is unique in its rich biodiversity.

The Orangutan Foundation’s Lamandau Wildlife Reserve in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, is protected by nine manned guard posts, strategically located at important waterways, enabling the team to report any illegal activity. The Foundation also operates five orangutan post-release monitoring camps where field teams care for orphaned orangutans within the soft-release reintroduction programme and continue to monitor orangutans post-release.

Action For The Wild has recently approved funding of £7000 to support the work of the Orangutan Foundation. This money will finance the annual salary of a veterinarian who is responsible for the health and wellbeing of the orangutans in their care and the surrounding forest. The money will also contribute towards the cost of orangutan monitoring in the forest. Furthermore, this funding will equip a new clinic which is essential for wildlife rescues and translocations.



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