The last few months at Colchester Zoo’s UmPhafa Reserve have been some of the most difficult since it first began. Veld fires have ravaged valuable grazing lands and times continue to remain tough with little rain and severe droughts are taking their toll.

The summer rains have been scarce and the poor natural conditions are starting to show on the animals, with some losses already recorded in both young and adult animals. With the lambing season soon to begin there will be even more pressure on the land. Since the largest of the fires took place in September staff at the reserve have started to supplement the animals feed, providing mineral licks, bales and pellets. It is evident that this could be an ongoing process over the summer months.

On average, a 50kg bag of game pellets will cost £10-12. Bales are becoming very scarce with many other reserves and farms also requiring food, however, currently bales have been averaging at a cost of £20.

To find out more about UmPhafa or how you can help the UmPhafa Reserve you can do so by clicking here. Donations are greatly appreciated to assist our team during this crucial time and most of all will be an enormous help our animals on the reserve. 

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