Throughout 2013, the Red Panda Network has been working to conduct surveys to try to determine the status and distribution of red pandas in a number of districts in eastern Nepal. In 2014, they plan to expand their surveys to western and central Nepal, where red panda sightings have yet to be systematically documented. They are also continuing to promote sustainable community development and are in the process of building a Community Conservation Resource Centre and partnering with other organizations on a Carbon Offset Project to protect 140,000 hectares of forest. 

For 2014, Action for the Wild has pledged a requested donation of €250 for this project to assist in the training of the Forest Guardians. The Forest Guardian Programme trains members of local communities in data collection, and teaches local people about ecology and the importance of saving red pandas and their habitat. In 2013,72 community members were trained and employed in red panda data collection, resulting in the doubling of their yearly incomes. In addition, four illegally captured red pandas were returned to the forest; the Red Panda Network created a protected area for red pandas in one community forest; and a local community initiated the restoration of two ponds within red panda habitat.

 Action for the Wild is proud to be supporting this new project in 2014.

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