Action for the Wild has donated over £25,000 to VulPro since 2015.

African Vultures are some of the most threatened species on the planet with some populations having declined by over 80% in the last three decades. Part of the work that VulPro has been partaking in for many years is in-situ, breeding population monitoring, including African White-backed Vulture (Gyps africanus) breeding surveys. These surveys include walked transects of nesting sites, gathering data to aid the understanding of breeding success and what factors might be driving this success, as well as nest site selection.

These data are important to understand which sites to protect in order to conserve these birds. Action for the Wild’s donations enable the researchers to stay near the field sites to conduct the monitoring and to purchase the necessary equipment for the survey work. Comparison of annual monitoring results is critical as all African Vulture species continue to rapidly decline across their ranges.

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