Through its Tiger Health Programme, Wildlife Vets International provides clinical services, on-site training, disease investigation and some research activities for a variety of wild tiger projects in different countries.

In 2017, ACTION FOR THE WILD donated £5,000 to start producing a web-based information service, the ‘Wild Tiger Health Centre’, which will disseminate up-to-date information on tiger health issues, provide basic online training and establish connectivity between tiger vets

Wildlife vets in range countries who are tasked with dealing with wild tiger issues do not have access to relevant information necessary for their job.

The website will include modules on basic tiger biology, disease in wild tigers, field anaesthesia, clinical aspects, sampling and testing for health screening, pathology, parasitology, toxicology, mitigating tiger-human conflicts, translocation, principles of reintroduction, rehabilitation of injured and orphaned tigers, literature relevant to veterinary aspects of wild tigers, and a contact list of experienced vets and biologists that are willing to help others.

Throughout 2017, progress has been made on an offline version of the website, in the hope that the website will become live by mid 2018. Wildlife Vets International intends to populate the website progressively, but will start with a review of disease in wild tigers. Developing a “one-stop” web based hub for information will go a long way to supporting the field vets and increasing their capabilities, confidence and usefulness to tiger conservation.

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